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Firm Introduction

Established in 1980, Cheung Tong & Rosa Solicitors is a Hong Kong based law firm with a history of over 40 years, providing a full range of professional legal service to our clients.  Our areas of practice include corporate finance and commercial, litigation, intellectual property, conveyancing, private clients and related services.  With strong business acumen, our lawyers are always minded to handle your legal issues with practical and commercial solutions that recognise your business objectives and priorities.

Cheung Tong & Rosa Solicitors e-News

Judicial Review of Ruling of Barrister Disciplinary Tribunal

Our firm has successfully on behalf of the Bar Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association obtained leave from the High Court for judicial review of a ruling made by a Barrister Disciplinary Tribunal. This is believed to be a precedent case on granting of leave of application of judicial review in the context of the disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Bar Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association.

Expert Opinion on Hong Kong law

In aid of our Taiwan and Hong Kong clients' defence in certain US legal proceedings, our Mr. Ronald Tong rendered expert opinion on Hong Kong tort law in relation to negligent claim for pure economic loss and tort of unlawful interference as well as on Hong Kong contract law. The claims against our clients have been withdrawn.

Estate Planning by way of Trust

In the area of trust and estate planning, we have completed (through a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands) (i) the setting up of a family trust which includes shares of a Hong Kong listed company as part of its trust assets together with (ii) all ancillary matters including drafting of complicated trust and testamentary documents.

Reverse Takeover of Listed Company

In a very substantial acquisition by a Hong Kong listed company which constituted a reverse takeover and a deemed new listing, our firm acted for the vendors who together through the transaction became the controlling shareholders.  Following the reverse takeover, trading in shares of the listed company successfully resumed after a prolonged suspension of almost 5 years.

Leave to File Second Petition in a Winding Up Case

On behalf of one of the four largest state-owned banks in the PRC, Our firm successfully obtained leave to file a creditor's winding up petition against a listed company which was then being wound up by the Securities and Futures Commission first using its power to wind up a company on the ground of public interest.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties Claim

Our firm, representing the Plaintiff, succeeded in resisting the Defendants' appeal against an order granting amendment of Statement of Claim and joinder of additional defendants before a High Court judge. The action itself concerns a breach of fiduciary duties claim involving shares worth over HK$400 million and is still ongoing.

Mandatory General Cash Offer


We act for the offeree company (whose shares are listed on the Main Board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange) in an unconditional mandatory general cash offer to acquire all the issued shares of the offeree company and for the cancellation of all outstanding options (other than those held by and/or agreed to be acquired by the offeror and parties acting in concert with it) of the offeree company.


Major Transaction


We act for the vendor and its holding company (whose shares are listed on the Main Board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange) in a major transaction involving disposal of a property holding company. The consideration of the disposal is HK$965,000,000, subject to adjustment. The property involved is a commercial building located in the heart of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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