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Cheung Tong & Rosa Solicitors

Notary Public and China-Appointed Attesting Officer

Agents for Trade Marks

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Our professional staff have been admitted to practice in more than one jurisdiction. Some of the other jurisdictions of practice include England and Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Singapore.  English, Cantonese and Mandarin are the languages spoken by various members of our professional staff.

The firm offers personalised service for all our clients whether corporate or individual covering a broad range of legal expertise. Cheung Tong & Rosa Solicitors has gained a reputation for both professionalism and dynamic dedication in our work.



Ronald W. T. TONG

Ronald W.T. TONG, our senior partner admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong since 1976, is also a Notary Public, a China appointed attesting officer and an independent non-executive director of Country Garden Holdings Company Limited (02007.HK).


Phone: 2829-0038
Email: ronald@ctrlawyers.com.hk



Albert T. DA ROSA, Jr.

Albert T. DA ROSA, Jr., our senior partner admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong since 1980, is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in the United Kingdom, a non-executive director of TCL Electronics Holdings Limited (01070.HK) and an independent non-executive director of HKC (Holdings) Limited (00190.HK).


Email: atr@ctrlawyers.com.hk





Joanne F.Y. CHOY

Phone: 2829-0027
Email: joannechoy@ctrlawyers.com.hk






Linus K.T. LI

Phone: 2829-0026
Email: linusli@ctrlawyers.com.hk








Maggie B.M. CHEUNG

Phone: 2829-0083
Email: maggiecheung@ctrlawyers.com.hk







Iris W.C. LEE

Phone: 2829-0093
Email: irislee@ctrlawyers.com.hk

Assistant Solicitors



Phone: 2829-0025

Email: maxchan@ctrlawyers.com.hk

Sandra W.K. LAM

Phone: 2829-0085

Email: sandralam@ctrlawyers.com.hk

Vanessa W.T. LAU

Phone: 2829-0023

Email: vanessalau@ctrlawyers.com.hk

Frances M.K. LEE

Phone: 2829-0086

Email: franceslee@ctrlawyers.com.hk

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